PROGENY Dissemination Exploitation & Communication actions aim at communicating project results to key scientific, industrial and socio-political stakeholders, and to the general public, fostering the adoption of the new technology and its impact. Below you can find Progeny’s Public Deliverables approved by the European Commission.

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    1. Our partners at UBREM will ongoingly present the electronic structures and photo-induced nonadiabatic
      dynamics in the building units for 1D and 2D electronic surfactants at the Virtual International Seminar
      D6.4: Dissemination, Exploitation, & Communication Plan. 1st Update. Grant agreement ID: 899205
      Theoretical Advancements (VISTA) – A biweekly seminar platform to facilitate interactions and scientific
      discussions of the International community.
    2. ECOIND presented PROGENY during the ECOIND organized workshop at E-SIMI 2021, 24th
      INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM “Environment and Industry”, 24 September 2021 in Bucharest.
    3. CNRS-ILM presented PROGENY first results in oral presentation at the EUFOAM 2022 Conference in
      Kraków, Poland on 03.-06.07.2022. http://eufoam2022.ikifp.edu.pl/index.html
    4. CNRS-ICGM presented a first set of synthetic 1-D molecules and their characterization results at the EUFOAM 2022 Conference in Kraków, Poland on 03.-06.07.2022.
    5. TUD-IAPP presented a poster on the R&D platform design and fabrication for hosting soap films at the
      EUFOAM 2022 Conference in Kraków, Poland on 03.-06.07.2022. Title: Platform Device for the
      Electrical Characterization of Soap Films.
    6. Gordon Research Conference of Industrial Ecology 2022, Stefano Cucurachi and Flora Siebler, poster presentation: Environmental impacts of cleanroom facilities in the PROGENY project.
    7. ISSST 2022 Pittsburg, Stefano Cucurachi and Flora Siebler, platform presentation: Environmental impacts of cleanrooms facilities in the PROGENY project.
    8. CNRS-ICGM presented a poster at the 36th ECIS 2022 conference in Crete. Electronic Surfactants for Use in Soap Film Based Sensors and Devices.
    9. CNRS-ILM presented Oral presentation – invited seminar in IPR (Rennes, France), 13/05/2022.
    10. CNRS-ILM presented Poster at International School of Soft Matter, 12-22/07/2022.
    11. CNRS-ILM has planned Oral presentation at ISCM 2022, 19-23/09/2022.
    12. Most of the consortium members plan to attend the in person MRS Fall meeting at Boston, Nov-Dec

    Conducted Workshops:

    1. Workshop I on Ex-Ante Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Emerging Technologies.
      Fri, Nov 26, 2021, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
      Recording available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ywBS0hy2cgA. 288 views, 55 participants.
    2. Workshop II on Ex-Ante Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Emerging Technologies – Scenario
      development Friday, April 22nd, 2022, 10:00 CET
      Recording available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GoaHM8K2FO4. 42 views, 40+ Participants.
    3. CNRS-ILM – Oral presentation – Foamscatter workshop. 17/05/2022
    4. CNRS-ILM- Organised Mini-colloquium “linear and non-linear optical techniques to probe liquid
      interfaces properties” – Journées Matière Condensée – Lyon. 22-26/08/2022
    5. CNRS-ILM presented Poster – CECAM: New frontiers in liquid matter. Workshop. 04-07/07/2022
    6. Sofia-Progeny joint Workshop in Leiden. 13-14/10/2022. Presentations:
    • A Janus Soap Film: Functional Dissymetry and Heterostructure for Device Design. Indraneel Sen. Wasabi Innovations. (9:30-10)
    • Electric field in soap films due to water orientation at surfactant monolayers. Ali Hassanali. ICTP Trieste. (10:10 – 10:50)
    • Multiphysics modelling of a soap film. Eliodoro Chiavazzo. POLITO. (10:50 – 11:30)
    • Probing mixed surfactant systems by ultrafast spectroscopy. Huib Bakker. AMOLF. (11:30 – 12:10)
    • Lunch Break 12:10 – 13:30
    • Electronic soap molecules. Sebastien Clement. CNRS (13:30 – 14:10)
    • Modelling of Electronic surfactants and monolayer. Fulu Zeng/ Christof Koehler. U. Bremen (14:10 – 14:50)
    • R&D platform for Soap Film Study. Gijsbert Verdoes (ULEI) / Carsten Habenicht (TUD-IAPP) (15 min)
    • Light-Switchable Surfactants for Remote Control of Interfaces and Foam. Björn Braunschweig. University of Münster
    • Micelles in Soap Films and Mixed Surfactant Systems. Svetoslav Anachkov. Sofia University. Bulgaria
    • Group discussion initiated by advisors: (17:00 – 17:30)

    Invited Guests/Advisors:

    • Huib Baker. AMOLF. Netherlands
    • Ifor Samuel. University of St Andrews. UK
    • Angel Rubio. Max Planck for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg. Germany
    • Svetoslav Anachkov. Associate Prof. at Sofia University. Bulgaria
    • Prof. Dr. Björn Braunschweig Prof. at University of Münster

    Until now 10 consortium meetings have taken place:

    1. 6th January 2021 (M1) – Kick-off meeting I (online)
    2. 9th July 2021 (M7) – Kick-off meeting II.A(online)
    3. 16th July 2021 (M7) – Kick-off meeting II.B (online)
    4. 6th September 2021 (M9) – Consortium meeting (online)
    5. 28th -30th March 2022 (M15) – WP2+WP3 meeting in Amsterdam. Brainstorming design and roadmap.
    6. 20th and 21st June 2022 (M18) – Consortium technical and steering committee meeting + team building exercises at Sofia Bulgaria.
    7. 14th October 2022 (M22): Consortium meeting (Leiden, NL)
    8. 13th March 2023 (M27): Consortium meeting and rehearsal for review (Berlin, Germany)
    9. 31st March 2023 (M27): 2nd project review with EC (online)
    10. 29-30th June 2023 (M30): Consortium meeting (Lyon, France)


    National Level Communication

    Technische Universität Dresden — TU Dresden; The IAPP coordinates the FET open poject “Progeny”

    Universiteit Leiden; Making a technology sustainable that doesn’t exist yet

    Instiutul National de Cercetare Dezvoltare Pentru Ecologie Industriala (ECOIND) Newsletter

    Indraneel Sen (2021), Uram Smiled, Bunsen-Magazin, BBPCAX 101 (8) 1083-1196 (1998).
    ISSN 1611 – 94

    Public Outreach

    Through a worldwide Mural Open Call we have selected an artistic duo Video.Sckre to communicate Progeny goals in form of a mural in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are organizing an event for introducing the mural to the public where Indraneel Sen and the artists will make presentations, followed by open discussions. Photographs and videos will be posted on the website.